"The Ship"

A Summer Apprenticeship by Older & Wiser Co.

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4 Weeks. 3 Weekly Sessions. 1 Shoot Day. 

We'll be meeting once a week for three weeks as we plan a massive collaborative photoshoot/ final project as a team. 

The only requirement for application is committing to attend all 3 sessions, plus our photoshoot day! 

It's everything you love about O&W, in a completely immersive experience where you are a part of the vision building, community connecting, and
BIG DAY executing. 

In case you missed it, the logistics of the apprenticeship, what departments are available, etc. are listed in the gallery above.
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Dates + Times 
- Week 1 Session: July 13th, 5-8pm 
- Week 2 Session: July 20th, 5-8pm
- Week 3 Session: July 27th, 5-8pm
- Photoshoot day Aug 3rd, 5 hour day.... Time TBD

Apply & Inquire

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