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Older & Wiser Co. began as a personal education fund, but as futures shifted and I continued to benefit from generous hands, I felt the need to open my own...

Now, 10% of all sales are donated each month to a local organizations with the hope that monetary investment, online recognition, and communal awareness might help other people like me find help when they need it most.

Good People
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Fields of Hope 

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Fields of Hope Economic Empowerment Program is breaking the cycle of poverty by equipping women to create sustainable small businesses that build up local economy. Through small loans, skill development, and personal coaching they are making a monumental impact one individual at a time.   

Learn More at

Insta: @fohinternational

Mama La Lechera 

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Mama la Lechera is a bright light to those producing and sustaining life. An endless wealth of information + education for new parents on birthing, feeding, and everything in between. 

Learn More at

Insta: @mamalalechera

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Byrnes Health Education


York, Pennsylvania

This non-profit organization believes education is the key to a healthier community. Their programs for all ages are interactive, engaging, and science based. Backed by experts and producing tangible results, these local influencers are quality people we are proud to stand behind.

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Insta: @byrneshec

Creative York Scholarship Program 

York, Pennsylvania

Creative York exists to support and make art accessible to the general public through education, galleries, and local outreach. Their Scholarship Program is designed to increase accessibility to the arts in York by tearing down barriers and giving students a chance at quality arts education + programming regardless of their economic situation.

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Insta: @creativeyork


Greater York Dance 

York, Pennsylvania


Greater York Dance collaborates with artists, organizations, community groups, and schools, in order to provide dance education classes, lectures and performances to all, regardless of their ability to pay.

Their heart is centered on enriching lives through the joy of dance while anchoring the community in a lifelong love of the arts. 

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Insta: @gydanceyourlife

Loca Flora Designs

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Loca Flora is a flower shop on mission to exclusively source their blooms and botanicals within 100 miles of their storefront. 
Rebecca and her team took on a massive dream to sustain the flower community in Gettysburg by building a cold storage unit in their shop. Now, it's become a place where blooms, ideas, and resources can exchanged among multiple farmers and florist.

Learn More: Cold Storage Video
Insta: @locafloradesign

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