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The end goal with collaborative styled shoots is to provide mutually beneficial results for those involved, from audience exposure, to quality images, and good old fashioned connections with the local creative community.

Whether you’re a small business needing new content, an artist trying to expand your reach, or a golden soul with a good cause,

we all have something unique to share in community.

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Every month O&W puts together a strategically stylized, story centered photoshoot, featuring an average of 10-12 local businesses, organizations, artists, and creatives. 

These photo + video shoots are designed to highlight makers making moves in our local area and connect extraordinary, every day people to more outstanding people. 

Collaborators participate in a 4-5
hour shoot 
and gain access to a gallery of 60-100 images free for personal + professional use. 

 But the best part isn't the production as much as it is the people.

Relationships are the heart beat of O&W, and our motivation is not just to make cool stuff, but to connect brilliant minds + soft hearts in pursuit of conceptualizing ideas. 

Feel the magnetism of collaboration? Fill out the application below to start the conversation! 


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